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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 24, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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search teams try to find a
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missing teenager from danville as thousands of people show support for her on facebook. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. her bike was found early today near the golden gate bridge. that's where heather holmes is tonight. >> reporter: julie, i just learned that the search for the missing teenager has been called off for this evening. those efforts stopped about a half hour ago. although the search will continue tomorrow morning. now we watched just about 15 minutes ago as danville police and park police returned here to the command postwhere the girl's bicycle was found. but they returned without any
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additional evidence on alliy's where abouts. volunteers and search and recue teams were out in full search. >> looking at the beaches and obvious places. now we're going into a close order search. she's now had over 24 hours of being missed. >> reporter: the search team and law enforcement officials from law agencies spent the day combing the area around bay bridge. using boats to search the water and dogs to search the parking lot. where the missing girl's purple mountain bikes was discovered this morning by her father. >> we found a note on the computer with directions to this location. >> reporter: david bayliss called authorities and the search moveed from danville to san francisco. >> we're just hoping and praying that allyson is alive. >> reporter: the sophomore at san ramon was last seen standing outside her school locker yesterday morning. >> she was very smart and she was also very passionate about
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athletics. >> reporter: friends are shocked at the disappearance. flyers talked about a suicide note. a facebook page dedicated to finding bayliss has now topped 5,000 people. signs of support tonight and hope that she will return safely. >> at this point in time, that's what we need is prayers. >> reporter: in addition to wearing blue tomorrow, students, and searchers plan to join together tomorrow. but the latest from the searching post, the search has ended for tonight. that vigil planned for alliy is scheduled for tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. the key creator of the facebook page said he had to
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take it down because of the actions of a few irresponsible individuals. a private group has now been formed. a fire in a san leandro apartment went to four alarms this afternoon, it started just after 3:00 p.m. at the chateau manor. it burned for almost an hour starting in the lower floors then moving up to the third and fourth floor. alameda fire officials tell us there are no sprinklers in the building and that they aren't required since the building dates from the 1950s. smoke alarms though did work. 30 residents were displaced. 16 apartments had either fire or smoke damage. the active mayor of san carlos learned that he may not face drunk driving charges. kline said today he would like
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to become san carlos full time mayor after, in his words, he's been vindicated. two bay area car clubs settled charges after allegations of loan sharking and drug dealing. federal and state authorities raided oak casino. the two card clubs paid fines of $575,000 each and agreed to clean up operations as part of a settlement. we're learning more tonight about a lawsuit brought forward by the family of bryan stow against the dodgers. the suit alleges that dodger stadium was negligent.
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>> reporter: the stow family made their legal move by filing this lawsuit against the los angeles dodgers. >> the scene accuses a team of negligence for allowing the violence that led to the beating of bryan stow. >> they got rid of head of security and they got rid of 2/3 of the security people. so now then what happens then? if you have no security, people think they can do anything they please. and you have things like this happening. >> reporter: tom jerardi is a legendary trial lawyer with his work profiled in the aaron brocavich movie. he says he's seeking $2 million for the recovery of stow and the upbringing and education of his children. they say the dodgers cut corners and put their park-
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goers at risk. >> i've gone to plenty of games, plenty of rivalries and never have i ever seen something as horrible as this. >> reporter: but some say they have seen things start to spin out of control. >> there's an element in fans trying to look for fights and any excuse. i think it's definitely gotten more dangerous over the years. >> reporter: the dodgers told ktvu it had no comment on the lawsuit. the team has 30 days to respond. jerardi says the stow family wants to repay everyone who donated to bryan's recovery fund. they say they are proud to keep a donation from barry bonds. >> that means so much to us. we don't want to give that back. but we want to make sure we give all the other, the nice funds that have come in to tide them over back. >> reporter: we talked to the district attorney's office. l.a. county sheriff, lapd no one right now can tell us when the suspect ramirez will be arraigned. but there is no rush since he
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is on that no bail parol hold he can be held for week, even months. live in los angeles, ken wayne, ktvu news. and we have posted a copy of the lawsuit and its allegations at just look for the bryan stow tab. a lawsuit was filed today against the operators of the staple center in los angeles stem pittsburgh ming from the death of a 2-year-old boy. last september the boy fell from a luxury box as his mother was taken his picture. the family is now asking for unspecified legal damages. the lawsuit claims that the design of the club boxes are dangerous and that fans should have been warned. court documents filed today revealed dna found on a bloody aluminum bat led santa clara police to the suspect, 24-year- old jaron mes era. the victim was found blujent to
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death. and we have a winter weather advisory, rain for us most likely on both of the commutes. at 10:12 we're going to have the commute forecast for your wednesday. see you back here. more violent weather struck the midwest today. a tornado killed at least seven people in oklahoma and kansas late today. a tv weather forecaster was tracking one tornado in his car. >> it's a killer tornado. an absolutely killer tornado. >> reporter: a weather monitoring station near the town of elrino recorded wince of 115 miles per hour. at least 50 people were
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injured. once the tornado passed many people came out to see devastation. president obama had a message for the storm victims. >> we're going to stay there until every home is repaired, until every neighborhood is rebuilt, until every business is back on its feet. that's my commitment, that's the american people's commitment. >> reporter: the president is in london, he plans to visit the tornado stricken areas on sunday after he returns from europe. and to give you some idea of just how bad this tornado season has been. last year at this time there were about 500 tornadoes reported. so far this year, more than 1,100. ktvu's rita williams tells us one survivor from last sunday's devastating twister is a tv reporter and a bay area native. >> reporter: they just seem to keep oncoming. >> monster tornado. >> reporter: this one just
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hours ago in southeast oklahoma. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: already this year, tornadoes in this country have killed at least 488 people. rescuers are still finding miracles in the flattened rubble that was joplin, missouri. >> i just prayed and thankful that i'm still here. so many people that aren't. >> reporter: the nation's deadliest tornado killed at least 1,020 people on sunday. >> it's overwhelming. the destruction everywhere. >> reporter: antioch native and recent san francisco staid graduate angela greenwood is now a reporter in joplin. >> they continue their recue efforts. >> reporter: she's part of the story she's reporting. this is all that is left of the apartment complex where she lived. the only thing left she found in the rubble was a bible.
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>> everyone will get through this. it's hard but we will. >> reporter: and 15-year-old marsh lisby, now in a coma. his family could not keep him from flying out of a truck at home depot. >> i'm one of the lucky ones. >> reporter: lucky because he still has hopes, still has his son to hold on to. this surveillance video could be a key piece as police search for two men. a reporter is missing overseas. we're with his family as they get positive news. the stars of glee take the stage here in the bay area. why fans say it's so much more than just music.
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new at10:00,, investigators in solanoo county are hoping a surveillance video can help them look for a suspect. >> reporter: about two hours ago we showed this surveillance video to the mother of sean pierre riley. riley himself is out of frame in this clip but it does show these two unidentified men who
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might have been the last people to see him alive. solano county detectives hope someone recognizing the two men in this video. >> you can see right there, they are interacting with one of our victims. >> reporter: that's 30-year-old ramon hatfield in the background one hour before he and sean pierre riley were shot and killed. about 25 minutes away in an unincorporated area of vallejo two days ago. >> my son was just in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. >> reporter: we showed the video to riley's mother castillo. she does not recognize these men. >> i hope they find those guys and i want them to be in court and i want to face them. >> reporter: watch closely, you can even see the men in the court reach around and steal money from the cash register.
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detectives are not identifying the restaurant and what led them there and why they are not calling these men suspects yet, finding them could help their case. >> we're not eliminating the fact that they could be involved. all we know is they were with our two victims within an hour of them being murdered. >> reporter: we want to give you one more look at these guy, one appears to have a tattoo or birthmark by his right eye. now detectives don't yet have a motive they say for these killings. but for her part, riley's mother believes it was the other victim hatfield who was targeted. eric rasmussen, 13 news. and more from the grandmother who is accused of kidnapping her own granddaughter. little ramie gallego was
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sleeping peacefully today at her home. ramie's parents wonder if she had been planning to kidnap the daughter. >> she threw herself a baby shower. >> rudy gallego says he wants his mother prosecuted but also wants her to get some mental health care. mayor ed lee introduced a plan he says could save the city $60 million in just one year. and city leaders say this new health care and pension reform plan could save the city up to a billion dollars over the next 10 years. the proposal boosts most workers health care and pension contributions, it caps pension benefits and it raises the retirement age for most city workers from 62 to 65 years. >> we get it on the pension stuff, we're going to do what we need to do. but we've already deferred raises two years and we would
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like to see that part of the contract fulfilled. >> it is expected that voters will have their say this fall. in san jose the stage is set for show down. today the city council voted to vote on several options on their ballooning costs. a vote on those options is expected next month. mayor reed wants the council to declare a fiscal emergency to the city as it faces a projected $115 million budget deficit. the closing numbers on wall street today kept stocks at monthly lows. the dow finished the day down 25 points. the nasdaq fell almost 13 points to close at 2,746. the chrysler motor company today paid out almost all of its remaining bail out loans to the u.s. and canadian
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governments. chrysler borrowed almost all of the amount. it raised another $1.3 billion by selling 29% of its stock to fiat. there is word tonight san francisco based zinga a social gaming company is about to launch an initial public offering. all things digital zynga claims to have 260 million players each month. it's titles include farmville and cityville. it's last evaluation was more than $10 billion. new information about a professor from cal state east bay who's arrested in nigeria. we learned that he was released from prison today. the professor had returned to his native country to run for
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government. >> reporter: ugbah had gone on leave in december to campaign in his homeland for the governmentship. his wife savina says she and her family are worried because the arrest comes after a string of attacks. >> there are all kinds of things over there. being on a hit list, his campaign, his running mate being attacked, maimed. >> reporter: his wife says he filed a fraud campaign. on may 13, ugbah's convoy was attacked, his childhood friend was left dead. >> in essence, that's what the guy did, take the bullets for him. >> reporter: the professor felt passionate about going back to nigeria.
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>> that is why he gave this beautiful bay area up. to go and do that. >> he's still a target, my worries obviously continue because there's only so much security you can have. >> reporter: ugbah's family hopes that people will encourage senator boxer, senator feinstein and other officials to stop the violence against ugbah who also is a u.s. citizen. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. and we are tracking a late season storm moving into the bay area. rain already north up around cape mendecino. the showers are at the shore but are going to make their way south. 4:00a.m. there it is moving in now and that's just for some the very early part of the commute. we move to 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 a.m. and that's just light shower activity down toward mountain view and areas along the peninsula. not a heavy rain but it doesn't
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take much to slow things down. 11:00a.m. still scattered showers. a winter weather advisory into the mountains. we're going to look at the five day forecast which includes the weekend, see you back here at 10:45. and the digits you will soon be dialing and the decision today that means everyone is affected. a pipeline like you've never seen before. a new side look at the latest pg & e efforts to pinpoint problems. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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the santa clara board of supervisors voted today to implement the new 669 area code in the bay area. new numbers in the same area will be assigned the 669 prefix. it's called the over lay method. county supervisors approved it
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on a 4-1 vote. new phone numbers will be assigned to new area 669 code while current customers can retain their 408 numbers. the new air code is expected to debut in october of next year. a decision by san francisco supervisors on at&t boxes was put off today. at&t asked for two more days to work with the cities. at at&t wants to install 66 more boxes to improve their internet service. pg & e is doing testing on pipelines in the bay area. >> reporter: this is a high definition camera side view of a south san francisco section of the very same pipeline that exploded in san bruno. this 63-year-old section is the section that pg & e once told
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the public utilities commission was most at risk for failure. >> we're looking for welds, information inside the pipe. brandings that would verify our records. >> this is of a massive testing project because pg & e has literally hundreds and hundreds of pipelines to look at. >> we are trying to hydropressure test our lines throughout the area. we're trying to do those projects at the same time to reduce the impact to the community. >> reporter: aside from inspecting the pipelines, chunks of protective coating are being collected and will be assessed for any deterioration. all of this under the watchful eye of a state inspector. pg & e says if everything is not right, it has replacement sections near by. >> that's the commitment we
10:27 pm
have from them, we expect them to honor that commitment. and we're going to see to it as best we can that they follow through on that. >> reporter: water pressure tests will continue throughout the summer when demand is low. drivers in contra costa county may have to start their commute a little earlier. that's because construction crews are working to widen brentwood road. there is glee in san francisco tonight. and fans say it's more than just the music. double overtime in vancouver as the sharks try to fend off elimination. we will take you live to canada. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it.
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the cast of glee brought their hit show to san jose tonight. dozens of fans turned out for a glee concert. sal castaneda is live where -- lloyd lacuesta is live where he met with glee fans. >> reporter: the glee cast brought appeal to more than 20,000 fans at the hp pavilion. >> ♪ >> reporter: the stars of glee were on stage tonight, the music is what it captured so many fans but the story line set on a high school campus has also struck a cord. >> kids going through with like their sexual identity. just all types of issues, yeah i've heard countless, countless
10:31 pm
stories that really make me feel like we're doing something special. >> reporter: more than music, glee tackles subjects young people can relate to. >> it sends a good message. they talk about bullying and how it's wrong and how much it affects people. >> reporter: and it makes being different cool. >> it makes me feel important and special. >> reporter: fans of the show call themselves gleeks. >> it helps a will the of younger teenager and tweens who don't know it's okay. and are going through things. >> reporter: if you think the fans are all young. >> i'm here for my birthday. i'm a glee fan and this is what i got for my birthday present. >> singing and dancing. >> reporter: and buy, glee merchandise has grown to a million dollars business. >> i like the culture and music. >> reporter: there will be another glee show tomorrow.
10:32 pm
the show has a following of 11 million viewers every week. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta. and ktv has a lot more video from tonight's concert. you can watch riv era perform a journey favorite. and over the weekend hackers targeted sony music in greece. stealing personal information from nearly 9,000 customers and shutting down the site. sony says no credit card information was compromised. last week a hacker shut down the play station network. and barnes and noble says it has a 6-inch black and white touch screen and will get two months of use from a single
10:33 pm
battery charge. the cost $139. it's shipping date is june 10th. just in time for its memorial time weekend. gas prices are dropping and analysts expect that to continue. a gallon of regular averaged $4.20 today. last week it was $4.28. for comparison last year it was $3.16. san francisco is now part of the president's push to go green. the obama administration is installing charges stations for more than 100 electric cars at government agencies. washington and detroit are also part of the initiative. it's all part of the president's plan to reduce dependence on foreign oil. this at bp plans to make a major announcement on fuel in the bay area. they say the top prices are spurring even greener vehicles.
10:34 pm
a lawyer representing the yemeni man al-murisi. al-murisi's attorney says his client will enter a not guilty plea at his court hearing. an emotional day over a controversial san francisco renovation project. and i'm back here in less than seven minutes. we have the computer lined up about noon tomorrow showing rain. i'm going to push it forward to show you how much rain we're expected to get. and the program that is putting hundreds of teens to work this summer.
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san francisco supervisors today narrowly approved a controversial review including a huge expansion at the san merced complex. >> let go of me. >> deputies escorted two women out of that hearing after mounting frustration over the plan to demolish 15,000 apartments at park merced. the supervisors voted 6-5 in favor. a friend of the woman says that her patient ran out. >> when they say, they're going to give them equal housing and they're going to have the same neighbors, that's -- [ bleep ] i'm sorry >> that's okay, that's okay.
10:38 pm
developers say residences would be relocated to different apartments and would maintain the same rent control status. a santa rosa maker of dips and salsas has closed down leaving hundreds of people without a job. g & g special foods closed down friday after saputo bought out the plant. 68 employees ended up losing their jobs in the closure. the price of your morning price of coffee is going up. makers of folgers coffee and other brands announced an increase in price. upwardly mobile chinese are drinking more coffee which is fueling demand. in news of the world tonight in iceland the air is thick with volcanic ash. although it is hard to tell on
10:39 pm
the ground if the ash is increasing. the volcano began erupting on saturday. in japan, operators of the damaged fukushima power plant have revealed that damage is far more extensive than first reported. the nuclear fuel had mostly melted in two other reactors. and in china, more than 100 votes are stuck in a major shipping canal because of low water in eastern shangdong province. only smaller vessels under a certain weight are being allowed now to pass through the canal. all the larger ones can do is wait for rain. well tonight it was do or die for the san jose sharks and their nhl play off runs. fans who could not make it to vancouver went to their favorite bar to watch the game
10:40 pm
and boy it was a great game. and fred inglis in vancouver, where it went into overtime, fred -- >> reporter: yes frank, you know this is an incredible game. you talk about a defining moment in san jose history. tonight might be just one more. they were 14 second away from sending this series back to a game on thursday. but the game was decided by one player, one shot and he was a canuck. yes this was an incredible game, canucks faced over time some 30 minutes in overtime. here comes the one crazy play. kevin viexa has the shot.
10:41 pm
niemi never saw it. game over, season over for the sharks. >> it's one of those freaky goals. nobody on the ice saw where the puck was expect the guy shooting it. i can't explain that. i don't know why that happened, but it did. >> so many good things for the sharks tonight in a very desperate situation obviously. but not good enough. mark ibanez will have full highlights in sports we'll come right back here for player reaction as well. reporting live in vancouver, fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. heart specialists say middle-aged women who develop rapid or irregular heartbeats should consult a doctor. the research finds the irregular heartbeats puts patients at significant risk of
10:42 pm
contracting heart failure. a new report says an outbreak of measles is posing travel risks across the country. the centers for disease control says more than 100 cases have been reported in the united states since january making it the largest outbreak in 15 years. it spread largely by unvaccinated travelers to europe. the cdc warn families planning to travel should get vaccinated before they travel. find out how hundreds of young people in the east bay are getting summer jobs and how employers are benefiting. and chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking weather taking aim at the bay area. how it will affect your morning commute.
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at risk youth will be getting some real life experience thanks to a program
10:45 pm
that will put them to work. ktvu's amber lee live in oakland, she talked to teenagers about how sum summer jobs are getting them off the streets. >> reporter: and we're here at gazali where they are giving employer to teenagers. >> we were hesitant, but after we gave it a shot we were pretty happy with it. this is summer it hopes to find jobs for those on probation and health care. today the organization is celebrating it's sixth celebration. it says county funds will pay for 800 summer jobs for employers who are willing to take a chance the program will pay the salary. >> people really rallied around this notion that in this really
10:46 pm
severe economic downturn that you can't walk away from the people who are most vulnerable. >> reporter: curtis taylor dressed in a suit for an interview with the oakland zoo. he told us he does in the hospital want to end up like his best friend. >> he just died, that's it. he got shot in the head. gang affiliated. just didn't have nothing to do. >> reporter: 20-year-old patricia collins is working at raimon. she told us she's been on welfare but says now wants to set a good example for her two young sons. >> i want them to see how you have to get up and go to work and not just sit in the house. >> reporter: the company says the summer jobs are a window to a world that some youths are not normally exposed to. >> they've seen the snapshot of a potential life that they can have. >> reporter: youth uprising is helping other teenagers get jobs. a new bill is headed to the
10:47 pm
senate tonight that would ban bisphenol in baby products. bp has been linked to many illnesses in children and vulnerable adults. 20% of sunscreens are actually safe and effective. the latest research looked at 600 products. of the 600 sunscreens they tested only 128 passed. we posted a link to the report at, just look for the web links section. bay area scientists say new theories about the recent earthquake in japan are causing new concern about the risk of a
10:48 pm
tsunami here in the bay area. the march 11 japan quake was more damaging than predicted. a geo physicist says that's something because of a subduction zone. the rebound effect from an earthquake could create a huge tsunami in the bay area. we've got showers showing up already in the north coast. the showers will be here by your morning commute. we go outside, live storm tracker 2 picking up the showers clearly. you can see that shape, that's basically a cold front.
10:49 pm
a weak one. we can expect the clouds to increase tonight. and for many an early morning commute with a few showers, especially in the north bay. this is not a big rain event but it is unusual for this time of year. you don't expect showers coming up on june 1st. we're only a few days away from that. but you do. we have showers in the area, more clouds, temperatures drop off and then sprinkles. in the morning then scattered showers in the afternoon. no fog really just high clouds. here's the system i'm tracking, you see it as it gets close to the coast startses to trigger a few showers. we pull out and that's the real deal right there. that's a nice looking weather system. the main front looking at the weather center. that's a good looking storm for this time of year. it's not going to shut down you know the mountain road passes or anything like that. but we are looking for wet roadways for your morning commute and possible wet roadways for your afternoon commute.
10:50 pm
here's the computer model. i partially walked you through this. 1:00 scattered showers, the mountains have stuff going on there. and then wednesday for the afternoon commute, a few showers showing up in the santa rosa area. snow levels about 5,000 feet. they could get snow in the echo pass. and look at what we have coming in, is that all going to accumulate, not all the. rain .3 to .1. a little bit breezy as the front passes through. instead of low 70s like we said today we'll be in the low to mid-60s at best. expect down to the santa clara valley. 68 in morgan hill. your five day forecast, a lot of clouds for this time of year. ouch, but the upshot i guess is
10:51 pm
we're not dealing with a weekend event. it's sitting on a friday night. it's in and out of here, it should be out by the weekend. >> who would have thought may 25th seeing this kind of stuff. >> yeah. thank you, bill. the sharks go into double overtime. the bizarre ending plus the giants, next in sports. our planes start flying when it's dark.
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what a pressure packed game. all the way into double overtime tonight. >> as if it isn't bad enough to have your season end. sometimes it's the way you lose to make that extra twist to the fight. sharks an excruciating conclusion to the season that falls under expectation. moving out of the second period they will tie it up. patty marlow in front. power play situation they take advantage. marlow's eighth play on the pass. joe pevelski just 24 kicks in to the third. and the sharks take a lead 2-1 as robert luango came way out of goal as you watch the replay and the sharks are looking like that's going to pay off. we go to the late, late
10:55 pm
regulation. 14 seconds left. their nemesis ryan kessler one time after another it seems. this time the deflection tip in. 2-2 that was a shocker for the sharks. they go to overtime. two overtimes, weirdness, nobody sees the puck here it deflects off the side. the only man who saw it was pierre. you're going to have to see the replay to see how that went in. nobody is really looking where the puck is expect viesca. end of game, end of series. fred inglis in vancouver right now, fred. >> you know what mark, the sharks lost game one because they were tired, they lost game
10:56 pm
number two because they lost their composure. tonight they lose their game on a very fluke bounce of the puck. you just have to think, maybe it's just not sharks time. but i will say this, that final shot was not indicative of how well the sharks played tonight. they outshocked vancouver, 56- 34 but here it was. the puck flies around. no one on the ice expect one man kevin vixsa knew where the puck was. he did the shot, niemi was still looking for it on his side. winning the series 4-1. end of the sere series, end of the season for the sharks. >> i was out of position, it
10:57 pm
slopped into a spot and i saw it. >> our core group, we still have three years left so we'll come back and be more hungry next year. >> a fluke goal to end the season for the sharks mark and you know yesterday tom mcclennis said there are no demons on this team. now you have to wonder as they cannot advance into the stanley championship once again. fred inglis. >> a word just excruciating. nothing to it for the giants. every day seems like high voltage. finally catches up to them. but that doesn't mean you're never too young to fear the beard. fans teaching their kids right. but bases loaded in the third.
10:58 pm
sanchez over torrez. three run scored and the marlins wind up winning 4-1. that's all the time for sports tonight. >> all right, mark, thank you. >> thank you for joining us tonight. good night.
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